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Privacy Statement: We are committed to keeping your e-mail address and personal information confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease our contact data or lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party unless required to do so by law.

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Support + Resources

Our dedicated team is here to support you as you launch or advance your career as a health care professional in Richmond, BC.

Ways We Can Support You

Clinic Matching

We provide one-on-one consultation to assess the type of working environment you are looking for and match you to jobs within clinics or facilities that will best meet your needs.

Community Tours

If you are planning to visit the region, contact us in advance to book a customized tour of the city, to attend a Division event as a guest, to meet local physicians, and to have your questions answered.


Once you have signed a contract, our team will ensure a smooth transition into your new clinic.

Customized Support

We can also customize strategies and support based on your unique needs. Email support@rdfp.ca and let us know how we can help.

Building Your Patient Panel

Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are provided with support through the Richmond Primary Care Networks for patient attachment. The Richmond Health Connect Registry allows patients to request a family physician or nurse practitioners, and the Richmond Attachment Program connects patients who are especially vulnerable and have urgent needs for longitudinal care.

Professional Events

Throughout each year, we offer dozens of member learning events to support your professional practice, your technology needs, your wellbeing, and your connections with colleagues.

Medical Office Assistant (MOA) Network

Our team recruits MOAs into member clinics, publishes the MOA Richmond Rapid Read newsletter specifically for MOAs, offers a roster of professional development and networking events for MOAs, and provides in-person visits with MOA staff to ensure they have updated information for all clinics.

Innovation and Technology

The Innovation and Technology team supports health technology integration within clinics to improve efficiency and to support health care transformation.

Human Resources

We offer toolkits and workshops related to recruiting, onboarding, managing, and terminating staff.

Your Support Team

Rajesh Nair

Program Manager

Contact for urgent matters

Anetta Stankowski

Program Lead

Contact about patient medical home (PMH) support, services, and other primary care jobs in Richmond

Novella Lui

Program Lead

Contact about Primary Care Network (PCN) implementation, contract support, and FP/NP clinical orientation and guidance

Ai Lin Chen

MOA Network and PCN Technical Support Coordinator

Contact about MOA support, services, and recruitment, Pathways, and general practice support

Karyn Liu

PCN QI & Engagement Coordinator

Contact about PCN evaluation and quality improvement initiatives

Stephen Mah

Technology Coordinator

Contact for practice technology transformation and support

Sonya Narayan

PCN Administrative Lead

Contact for general inquiries about PCN support and services

Diana Lizardo

PCN Administrative Coordinator

Contact about panel building and the patient attachment program

Sean Canasa

PCN Community Link Worker

Contact about connecting patients with non-medical support services throughout Richmond

Your Clinical Team

Richmond Family Physicians (FPs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are supported within a patient-centred, team-based care network consisting of many different health care providers. This network coordinates your patient care team so that members work together with patient health goals in mind. The following health care providers provide support for FPs and NPs in Richmond:


  • provides nutrition assessment/consultation
  • improves patient eating habits
  • prevents/delays chronic conditions
  • teaches about nutrition needs
  • helps patients make sustainable lifestyle changes

Occupational Therapist

  • helps patients maintain skills for daily activities (personal care/meals)
  • teaches adaptive energy conservation skills
  • provides stress management strategies

Chronic Disease Management Nurse

  • provides support to manage chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, more)
  • teaches patients how to understand and develop self-management strategies

Clinical Counsellor

  • provides support for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief/loss
  • helps patients to gain new perspectives
  • introduces tools to cope with personal issues


  • treats musculoskeletal/neurological conditions (arthritis/MSK injuries/stroke/MS/Parkinson’s)
  • develops personalized home exercise programs
  • helps patients to prevent falls
  • provides advice on gait aids

Clinical Pharmacist

  • conducts medication assessments
  • ensures prescriptions are suitable for each condition
  • provides advice on dosage and adverse reactions

Social Worker

  • addresses factors that impact patient health (finances, housing, social supports)
  • develops advanced care plans
  • provides referals to community programs

Frail Seniors Team

  • provides timely, appropriate senior care
  • improves overall senior patient health
  • increases patient independence
  • enhances safety

Community Link Worker

  • supports patient health and wellness goals
  • connects patients with social and physical activities
  • improves patient physical and emotional wellness
  • informs patients about local community services and opportunities for connection

“Now, everyone involved in my care is able to understand the whole picture, and can approach the same issues from different perspectives. I am telling everyone I know to ask their family physician or nurse practitioner for a Care Team.”

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Practice Support Program (PSP)

The Practice Support Program promotes capacity building and efficiency so that practitioners can focus more on clinical care and patient relationships.

Coaching and Mentoring

A team of practice improvement professionals, including peer mentors

EMR Optimization

including EMR-enabled tools, functionality assessment, and group sessions

Learning Opportunities

Learning content with interactive activities and discussions about case scenarios

Panel Management

Panel assistants and remote panel services

Virtual Care Support Network

One to one support to enable and optimize virtual care technology in family practice. Support with workflow, office efficiencies, and peer mentoring

Patient Experience Tool

surveys patients about their experiences and interactions with a family practice, including topics such as wait times, office hours, and coordination of care

PMH Assessment

identifies practice strengths and opportunities in relation to the 12 attributes of the patient medical home.
gathers information that will inform and evaluate the transition to an integrated system of care at community and provincial levels

Compensation and Certification

PSP provides compensation and Mainpro+ credits to family physicians and eligible team members who make practice improvements using PSP facilitated quality improvement (QI) cycle